Hypnosis - CAM 20106HB

Hypnosis is an induced state in which there is an increased amenability and responsiveness to suggestions and commands.

Hypnosis is considered MEDICALLY NECESSARY when used to control acute or chronic pain.

Hypnosis as an adjunct to psychotherapy is considered part of the psychotherapy services and is not separately reimbursed.

Hypnosis used as an anesthesia is considered INVESTIGATIONAL.

Any other use of hypnotherapy is considered NOT MEDICALLY NECESSARY.


  1. Mjoseth J., American Psychological Association: Hypnosis allies are urging insurers to raise coverage.

Coding Section

Codes Number Description
CPT 90880 Medical Hypnotherapy 
ICD-9 Procedure   94.32 Hypnosis (psychotherapeutic) for anesthesia  
ICD-9 Diagnosis   Acute pain and chronic pain. See "pain" for part of body in ICD-9. Psychotherapy: See specific mental diagnosis in ICD-9
HCPCS No code    
ICD-10-PCS (effective 10/01/15)  GZFZZZZ Hypnosis 
Type of Service Medical  
Place of Service Outpatient   

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